Lowside Quarter

Township in St Bees parish in Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland, containing villages of Braystones, Coulderton, Middletown and Nethertown. Part of Lowside Quarter CP was transferred to St John Beckermet CP 1934.


1,962 acres [794 ha] before boundary changes. Commons enclosed under Egremont enclosure award 1783; other small patches of waste enclosed 1859. Middletown outfield was enclosed 1794.


fluctuated in range 250-350 across 19th century, then rose to 624 in 1911; stood at 533 in 1931 (last census year before boundary change). Landownership: ‘Coulderton’ and park attached to Egremont castle retained in demesne by lords of barony of Egremont (q.v.) until divided between heiresses 1338, leading to creation of three villages of ‘Over Coulderton’ (now Coulderton); ‘Middle Coulderton’ (now Middletown) and ‘Nether Coulderton’ (now Nethertown).


farming; water-powered industries on River Ehen: paper mill by 1755 (2 paper mills by 1774); iron foundry at Low Mill established 1749; flax mill there mid-19th century. Furness Railway built 1850, with stations at Braystones and Nethertown. Coastal tourism: Braystones described as ‘health resort’ by 1911, with summer bungalows on shore there and at Nethertown by 1910; caravan sites developed later at Nethertown and Braystones.

Places of worship:


Schools and other institutions:

Board school at Nethertown by late-19th century; closed. Tower at Braystones, erected 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, used as museum.