Little Strickland

Township in Morland parish, West ward, Westmorland.


790 acres [320 ha]; common enclosed 1811.


rising from c.100 in early 19th century to peak of 135 in 1851; then drifting back to 102 by 1931, declining to stand at 66 in 2001.


see Great Strickland.


predominantly agricultural; limestone quarrying and lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

St Mary's chapel of ease built 1814 (repaired and extended 1895-6) to serve Thrimby chapelry, replacing older chapel at Thrimby (q.v.).

Schools and other institutions:

endowed school, replacing that at Thrimby, built c.1814; closed 1976. Village hall, a corrugated iron building perhaps dating from 1920s; still in use.