Township in Lazonby parish, Leath ward, Cumberland.


8,378 acres [3,360 ha]. Commons in Lazonby parish enclosed under Inglewood enclosure award 1819.


rising from 320 in 1801 to 570 by 1861; temporary surge to 1,123 in 1871 when railway under construction. In range 650-720 from 1881 to 1961; then rising to stand at 980 in 2001.


manor of Lazonby held by Stutevilles in 12th century, descending with barony of Burgh (q.v.) to Dacres; forfeited on attainder of Leonard Dacre 1570; restored to Sir Francis Leonard 1652; sold to Sir Christopher Musgrave of Edenhall 1716, in whose family it remained until early 20th century.


farming; quarrying (millstone quarry recorded late 17th century and mid-19th). Auction mart established by railway station late 1870s. Later 20th century developments included establishment of bakery, toy-making workshop and pottery.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Nicholas; replaced by present building 1864-6. Primitive Methodist chapel built 1847; replaced 1898, now closed. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1850; still in use.

Schools and other institutions:

vestry school from 1748; two day schools by c.1830. Church school rebuilt on new site 1863; enlarged 1907; now Lazonby CE School. Reading room and library established 1859; enlarged as village hall 1928. Swimming pool opened 1964.