Ancient parish in Cumberland ward, Cumberland.


1,667acres [674 ha], including Kirkbride common (c. 600 acres [c.240 ha]), enclosed 1816.


rising from 249 in 1801 to 383 in 1831; then falling slightly before rising again from 1891 to reach 519 by 2001.


manor of Kirkbride granted by Adam son of Odard to his second son c.1200. His descendants took name Kirkbride and held manor for several generations until it passed by marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of George Kirkbride (d. 1511), and John Dalston to Dalston family of Dalston. Sold 1764 to Joseph Wilson of Pontefract; then to William Matthews and later to earl of Lonsdale.


predominantly agricultural. Kirkbride airfield, opened 1939 as maintenance depot; after Second World War became storage depot, closing 1960; later light aviation centre.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Bridget; restored 1895. Quaker meeting house built 1698; closed 1854. Primitive Methodist chapel built 1865; rebuilt 1906; closed 1963 and converted to dwelling. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1869.

Schools and other institutions:

school taught by curate 1827; village school described as ‘small and poor’ 1860. Board school erected 1875; replaced by modern building; now Kirkbride Primary School. Reading room built 1881 with library added later; now village hall.