Kirkandrews Nether Quarter

Township in Kirkandrews-on-Esk parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland. Combined with Kirkandrews Moat and Kirkandrews Middle to form Kirkandrews CP 1934.


4,878 acres [1,974 ha], much of it mossland and marsh, including Solway Moss (site of battle 1542). 4,000 acres [c.1,600 ha] of ‘Roland Marsh’ destroyed by sea in 17th century and 600 acres [240 ha] devastated by eruption of Solway Moss 1771.


doubled from 245 in 1801 to 516 by 1821; then declined to 275 by 1901. Increased during First World War, as result of employment in Gretna cordite factory, to stand at 487 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


see Kirkandrews Moat.


farming; commercial peat extraction by Richardson’s Moss Litter Co. Ltd from 1898; still operating as Solway Moss Works. Slaughter house and bone fertilizer manufacturers at Mill Hill 1930s. German prisoner of war camp at Mossband during Second World War.

Places of worship:

services held at Blackbank school in 1901.

Schools and other institutions:

schoolmaster at Blackbank by 1829; Board school built there 1873; enlarged 1899 and 1914; moved to Guards 1915; then moved to Gretna 1916. Blackbank school buildings sold to Ministry of Munitions 1917 and occupied by Gretna munitions factory.