Kings Meaburn

Township in Morland parish, West ward, Westmorland.


2,388 acres [966 ha], including 411 acres [166 ha] of common, enclosed 1779.


rising from 178 in 1801 to 216 in 1851, then gradually falling to 105 in 2001.


part of manor of Meaburn, divided between Sir Hugh de Morville (d. 1173/4) and his sister Maud, who was allocated Maulds Meaburn (see Crosby Ravensworth). King’s Meaburn was forfeited by Morville for his role in murder of Thomas à Becket; then granted to Robert de Veteripont c.1200, descending thereafter with barony of Westmorland (see Appleby).


predominantly agricultural; some quarrying.

Places of worship:

Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1866; rebuilt 1932; still in use.

Schools and other institutions:

village school built 1831; enlarged 1907; closed 1983. Village hall opened 1914.