Township in Kirkby Lonsdale parish, Lonsdale ward, Westmorland.


4,938 acres [1,998 ha], including 2,110 acres [854 ha] of common land enclosed 1821.


in range 250-300 across most of 19th century (peak 335 in 1821); declining across 20th century to stand at 152 in 2001.


manor of Killington and Firbank held from 13th to 16th century by Pickering family of Killington. On death of Sir Christopher Pickering (d. 1548) it passed to his daughter Anne; then to her son by her third marriage, Francis Vaughan, who sold it to the tenants 1585.


predominantly agricultural. Killington Lake, reservoir supplying Lancaster-Kendal canal, created 1819; service station on M6 motorway opened 1972.

Places of worship:

medieval chapel of ease, now church of All Saints, made parochial 1585; repaired 1824; re-roofed 1863; restored 1895.

Schools and other institutions:

school endowed 1677; taught in chapel in 18th century; separate school built by 1858; enlarged 1873; closed 1948; building converted to village hall; refurbished 1999.