Ancient parish in Eskdale ward, Cumberland, comprising townships of Irthington, Laversdale, Newby and Newtown.


7,390 acres [2,991 ha], distributed between constituent townships thus: Irthington: 1,038 acres [420 ha]; Laversdale: 3,754 acres [1,519 ha]; Newby: 860 acres [348 ha]; Newtown: 1,738 acres [703 ha]. Commons (3,600 acres [1,457 ha]) enclosed 1781.


rising from 870 in 1801 to 1,049 by 1841; then declining to 898 in 1871 and 646 in 1931; increased to 841 in 1951 after building of Carlisle airport, then fell back to stand at 712 in 2001.


Irthington was caput of Gilsland until 1335 and descended with barony (see Brampton).


predominantly agricultural; brick and tile works at Laversdale Lane End 1830s to late 1860s. Carlisle Airport built for RAF use 1940-1; purchased by Carlisle Corporation 1960 and civil airport opened 1961: limited services and flying training, with extensions and upgrades 1970s-1980s.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Kentigern in Irthington village; restored 1849-53; clock tower added 1896-7. Independent chapel at Newtown recorded 1860; perhaps forerunner of Gospel Hall (so-named 1899) termed Methodist chapel 1924; now converted to private house.

Schools and other institutions:

Irthington village school established 1792; rebuilt 1850; replaced by Board school 1875; now Irthington Village School. Another school taught by curate 1816. School at Laversdale endowed 1790s; rebuilt 1856; closed 1952 and sold to community 1970 for use as village hall. Public hall in Newtown built 1906.