Hutton Roof (Westmorland)

Township in Kirkby Lonsdale parish, Lonsdale ward, Westmorland.


2,715 acres [1,099 ha], including 271 acres [110 ha] of common land enclosed 1822. Newbiggin Crags, Holme Stinted Pasture and Hutton Roof Crags [274 ha] remain common land.


rising from 179 in 1801 to peaks of 351 in 1831 and 366 in 1891 (result of quarrying industry), then falling to low point of 131 in 1971 before rising again to 193 in 2001.


manor of Hutton Roof held by Huttonroof family from 12th century to mid-14th century, probably passing by marriage to Hugh de Moresby who held it 1375. John Moresby held it 1411; later descent of manor not known.


farming; quarrying for freestone, flags and grindstones mentioned 1692; quarrying expanded later 19th century; had declined by 1910. Timber yard, early 21st century.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease (now St John’s Church), possibly medieval in origin; built 1610 (date stone); rebuilt 1757 and again 1881. Methodist chapel built 1850, effectively closed 1912; sold 1936.

Schools and other institutions:

school built 1773 at edge of township, shared with Lupton (q.v.). Rebuilt next to church 1852; closed 1979. Reading room built 1890s; replaced by village hall built 1981-7.