Hunsonby & Winskill

Township in Addingham parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. Combined with Little Salkeld CP to create Hunsonby CP 1934.


1,687 acres [683 ha]; including 702 acres [284 ha] of the 1,400 acres [567 ha] of Little Salkeld Common enclosed 1849.


rising from 117 in 1801 to 284 in 1881 (numbers swelled to 362 in 1871 as result of nearby railway navvy camp); stood at 300 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


part of manor of Little Salkeld (q.v.).


farming; sandstone quarrying at Briggle Quarry 19th century. Industrial development in vicinity of Little Salkeld station (opened 1876) on Settle-Carlisle railway: coal merchants and haulage contractors by 1900. Agricultural manure and seed merchants nearby; premises became paper and board mill; closed 2003.

Places of worship:

Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Hunsonby c.1823; rebuilt on new site 1862; extended 1905 and 1923; closed 2001 and converted to dwelling. Anglican mission room (the ‘Institute’) in Hunsonby built 1905; extended 1928; closed c.1975.

Schools and other institutions:

school founded by Joseph Hutchinson (d. 1726) but endowment only received after his mother’s death c.1765. Existing building pre-1849; extended 1897; closed 1974. Sons of Temperance hut at Winskill built before 1925; demolished c.2010. Open air swimming pool built 1937.