Holme East Waver

Township in Holme Cultram parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland, including village of Newton Arlosh (or Long Newton).


5,572 acres [2,255 ha], including 135 acres [55 ha] in detached portions. Commons enclosed under Holme Cultram enclosure award 1814; Ellercar and Feather Close common meadow (300 acres [121 ha]) enclosed 1851. Mosslands of Wedholme Flow, part of which lies in township, remain registered common land.


rising from 371 in 1801 to peak at 526 in 1861; then steady decline to 358 in 1921; post-War increase (404 in 1951), then settling back to c.300 at end of 20th century.


part of Holme Cultram lordship (see Holme Abbey).


predominantly agricultural. Salt-making in medieval period (name Salt Cotes recorded 1305). Newton Arlosh obtained market charter 1304 to replace Skinburness, after it was washed away by sea: little evidence of urban development. Brick- and tile-making in 19th century.

Places of worship:

medieval chapel of St John at Newton Arlosh; building authorised 1304; fell into ruin after Dissolution; reconstructed 1843.

Schools and other institutions:

Parkhill School (one mile south of village) rebuilt 1868; closed and converted to housing. Mission hall built early 20th century; now used as village hall.