Township in Kirklinton parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland.


5,464 acres [2,211 ha]. Commons in Hethersgill and Kirklinton Middle Quarter, totalling 4,264 acres [1,726 ha], enclosed 1735.


665 in 1801, rising to peak of 799 in 1841. Decline thereafter, falling to 447 by 1931 and to 382 in 2001.


part of barony of Kirklinton (see Kirklinton Middle Quarter).


predominantly agricultural. Quarrying in Hether Burn valley and clay digging at Prior Rigg for brick-making later 19th century; commercial peat extraction on Bolton Fell in later 20th century.

Places of worship:

church of St Mary, built 1876 as chapel of ease. Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Ullermire built 1833; replaced by chapel in Hethersgill village, built 1901; closed 1979. Quaker meeting house at Sykeside built 1688; rebuilt 1736; closed 1913.

Schools and other institutions:

endowed school at Shaw Foot, near Ullermire, rebuilt 1871 and enlarged 1895; closed 1980s. Reading room by church at Hethersgill, built early 20th century; now demolished. Village hall built 1950s.