Township in Brough parish, East ward, Westmorland.


2,760 acres [1,117 ha], including extensive rough grazings on Hillbeck Fell (1,000 acres [c.400 ha]), enclosed 1859, and Hillbeck Intack (418 acres [169 ha]), enclosed 1867.


uctuating in range 40-100 across 19th and early 20th century (peak: 101 in 1821); stood at just 26 in 1961 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Helbeck held by Helbeck family, passing by marriage to Blenkinsops c.1300. They held it for many generations, until Thomas Blenkinsop sold part of manor to Richard Burton 1638 and remainder to his son Thomas Burton 1657. Held by Baker family in early 18th century and Carleton family later 18th century. Bought by William Wilkinson for his nephew J. M. Breeks 1852 and remained in Breeks family until death of Olive Breeks (d. 1951), when it descended to A. J. Blackett-Ord.


hill farming; coal mining in 17th and 18th centuries; lead-mining in 17th and 18th centuries (smelt mill recorded 1669); limestone quarrying (continuing) and lime-burning from later 18th century. Cotton mill on Yosgill Beck built by John Carleton, then lord of manor; opened 1784; closed 1794. Moorland used as training ground by Ministry of Defence and as grouse moor in 21st century.

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