Hayton & Mealo

Township in Aspatria parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland.


1,868 acres [753 ha].


rising from 174 in 1801 to 461 in 1851, then gradual decline to 229 in 2001.


manor of Hayton passed from Mulcaster family by marriage of daughter of Robert Mulcaster to Sir Piers Tilliol (d. 1435), passing again by marriage of Margaret daughter of William Tilliol to Nicholas Musgrave in later 15th century. It remained in Musgrave family, whose seat was at Hayton Castle (medieval tower house remodelled by Sir Edward Musgrave 1609), until marriage in 1769 of Eleanor, daughter of Sir Richard Hylton (formerly Musgrave) to William Jolliffe (d. 1802), whose descendants remained lords of manor until 20th century.


largely agricultural. Market and fair at Hayton granted 1278; did not survive. Brick and tile manufacture in 19th century.

Places of worship:

domestic chapel, Hayton Castle, repaired 1719 and survived until early 19th century. St James’ Church (Anglican) built 1868. Congregational chapel built 1844; closed.

Schools and other institutions:

school on Hayton village green by 1860s; replaced by Board school outside village, erected by 1890s; closed. Public hall or reading room built 1909.