Township in Kirkby Stephen parish, East ward, Westmorland.


3,229 acres [1,307 ha], including approximately 1,000 acres [c.400 ha] of common fell.


rising from 139 in 1801 to 177 by 1851; surged to 215 in 1861 during influx of railway construction workers; dropped back to range 115-145 across most of 20th century; stood at 133 in 2001.


manor of Hartley held by Harcla (i.e. Hartley) family until forfeited 1323 on attainder of Sir Andrew de Harcla, earl of Carlisle. Granted to Nevilles of Raby who sold it to Sir Thomas Musgrave prior to 1353; descended through Musgrave family to 19th century. Sir Christopher Musgrave moved to Eden Hall c.1680, demolishing most of Hartley Castle.


farming; lead and copper mines with smelt mill in 18th century (disused and in ruins by 1850s); coal seam on fell mined mid-19th century; limestone quarrying and lime-burning. Quarrying expanded in 1920s: Hartley Quarry opened 1926, with rail connection until 1975 to transport quarry products; quarry mothballed 2008 but remains open.

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