Great Salkeld

Ancient parish in Leath ward, Cumberland.


3,774 acres [1,527 ha], including common moorland to west of village enclosed under Inglewood Forest enclosure award 1819.


estimated at 345 in 1688; rapid increase from 289 in 1811 to 403 in 1821 attributed to enclosure of commons; rose to stand in range 475-500 from 1851 to 1901; then declined to 348 in 1971 before rising again to 445 in 2001.


part of honour of Penrith (q.v.).


agricultural; fishery in River Eden in 17th century; small-scale quarrying 17th-19th centuries.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Cuthbert (fortified tower of c.1380). Presbyterian chapel in fields to west of village built c.1710; rebuilt 1750; replaced by new building in village 1876; closed 1953 and converted to dwelling. Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Salkeld Dykes built 1832; still in use.

Schools and other institutions:

endowed school founded c.1515; school taught in chancel of church until schoolhouse built 1696. Endowment lost; school taught by curate in early 19th century but had ceased by mid-19th century. New parish school built 1856; closed 2004. Hunter Hall, an independent primary school, opened 1985; moved to Carleton, Penrith, 1992. Reading room and library built 1895; village hall added 1911; whole building now village hall.