Great Orton

Ancient parish in Cumberland ward, Cumberland, embracing townships of Great Orton and Baldwinholme.


4,287 acres (1,735 ha), divided between townships thus: Great Orton: 1,686 acres [682 ha]; Baldwinholme: 2,601 acres (1053 ha).


estimated at 340 in 1688; rising from 378 in 1801 to peak of 519 in 1851. In range 400-450 for much of later 19th and 20th century; stood at 383 in 2001.


: manor of Orton held by Orton family in 13th and 14th centuries, passing by marriage of Joan, daughter and heiress of Giles Orton (d. 1369) to Sir Clement Skelton of Armathwaite; then divided between their four daughters. John Brisco (d. 1583) of Crofton bought two-thirds of manor; his grandson, John Brisco (d. 1632) bought final third and manor descended in Brisco family, who built Orton Park 1830s.


agricultural; 20th-century specialisation in market gardening and poultry farming.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Giles; restored 1886. Methodist chapel recorded 1899.

Schools and other institutions:

school built at west end of church c.1703; replaced by new parish school, endowed by Pattinson’s charity, built on common land on boundary between townships by c.1814. New school, south of village, built 1859 by Sir Wastell Brisco; now Great Orton Primary School. Parish room erected 1899, used as reading room. Village hall (Orton and District Public Hall) built 1954.