Township in Kendal parish, Kendal ward, Westmorland. CP enlarged by absorbing Dillicar CP 1986.


3,753 acres [1,519 ha], including 1,022 acres [414 ha] of common land on Grayrigg Fell enclosed 1868.


rising from 199 in 1801 to peak of 264 by 1841, then gradual decline to low point of c.165 in mid-20th century; slight increase to stand at 223 in 2001.


granted by William de Lancaster, baron of Kendal, in marriage with his daughter Agnes to Alexander de Windsor c.1160-70, descending through Windsor family until death of Sir William Windsor 1385, when passed by marriage to Duckets, who held it until c.1685 when Anthony Ducket sold it to Sir John Lowther, who enfranchised the tenants 1695.


largely agricultural; small-scale quarrying in 19th century.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease recorded 1469; rebuilt 1708; present church of St John built by subscription 1837-8; tower rebuilt 1869. Quaker meeting house at Beckhouses built 1696; closed 1841 but rebuilt 1871; closed again 1952.

Schools and other institutions:

school taught in Quaker meeting house by 1709; schoolhouse adjoining built late 18th century. Parochial school built by subscription 1818; rebuilt 1960s; now Grayrigg CE Primary School. Girls’ school established 1845 and endowed by trustees of Quaker meeting house at Beckhouses. Six almshouses built and endowed 1869 by John, Richard and Mary Rowlandson of Gillbank. Grayrigg Institute or Coronation Hall built 1911.