Ellenborough and Ewanrigg

Township in Dearham parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Maryport (q.v.) 1929.


1,115 acres [451 ha], including Ellenborough common (103 acres [42 ha]), enclosed 1849.


471 in 1801 growing steadily to 4,509 by 1911, the increase attributed 1871 to expansion of coal mining and opening of blast furnaces.


manor of Ellenborough (or ‘Alneburgh’): Eaglesfield family from 13th century, passing by marriage to John Senhouse of Seascale 1528 and descending through Senhouses of Netherhall thereafter. Manor of Ewanrigg (or ‘Unerigg’): Multon family in 14th century; had been acquired by Thwaites family of Thwaites, near Millom, by 1435. Sold 1627 to Richard Barwis; then c.1638 to Ewan Christian of Milntown, Isle of Man. Remained seat of Christians until death of William Bell Christian 1886, when estate was sold. Economy: coal mining on both Ellenborough (by 1730) and Ewanrigg estates by c.1750 (see Maryport).

Places of worship:

All Souls church, Netherton, built c.1886; south aisle added 1899-1906. Primitive Methodist chapel, Ellenborough, built 1860; used as Sunday school after new chapel in Old Road opened 1907; both closed. Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Netherton, built 1892; closed and demolished c.2012.

Schools and other institutions:

Ewan Christian (d. 1719) left building to be used as schoolhouse; taught by vicar in early 19th century. Replaced by Board schools at Ellenborough (closed and converted to housing) and Netherton (now Netherton Infant School) by 1900. Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Infant School built on new site 1970. Hospital for Infectious Diseases at Alneburgh House built 1894. Victoria Cottage Hospital built 1902-3; enlarged 1937-8.