Township in Brigham parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Dean CP 1934.


1,998 acres [809 ha], including part of 1,000 acres [405 ha] of common land in Eaglesfield and Blindbothel, enclosed 1815.


rising from 310 in 1801 to 411 in 1831, then falling to stand at 233 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


one of the Five Towns in honour of Cockermouth (q.v.). Manor of Eaglesfield in possession of Eaglesfield family from 14th century until death of Richard Eaglesfield (d. 1557); divided between several owners by later 16th century.


predominantly agricultural; lime-burning and limestone quarrying; extensive quarrying at Tendley Quarry since 19th century.

Places of worship:

John Dalton Memorial Church (dedicated to St Philip) built 1891 to serve enlarged ecclesiastical parish of Mosser, which included Eaglesfield. Quaker burial ground from 1693, at which meeting house built 1711; only used occasionally by 1901; sold 1980 and converted to dwelling. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1845; closed (used as mechanic’s garage by 1980s).

Schools and other institutions:

served from early 19th century by Paddle School (see Blindbothel). Village hall opened 2009.