Township in Bromfield parish, Cumberland ward, Cumberland.


2,366 acres [958 ha], including c.600 acres [c.240 ha] of commons, enclosed 1822.


rising from 198 in 1801 to over 300 in the period 1821 to 1861, before declining to low point of 158 in 1961; then rising to 198 in 1981; stood at 167 in 2001.


part of barony of Wigton. Manor of Dundraw held by Gilbert de Dundraw in late 12th century and passed by descent to Crofton family, whose heiress Margaret de Crofton married Isold Brisco c.1400. Dundraw remained in hands of Briscos of Crofton until mid-20th century.


predominantly agricultural.

Places of worship:

non-denominational mission hall, built 1898 (now converted to dwelling). Chapel or mission room built 1901; closed 1965, then used as village hall until 1990s.

Schools and other institutions:

school at Waverbridge, erected 1844; closed 1970 (now dwelling house).