Township in Kendal parish, but in Lonsdale ward, Westmorland; includes hamlets of Lowgill and Beckfoot. Absorbed into Grayrigg CP 1986.


1,121 acres [454 ha], including Dillicar Common (500 acres [202 ha]), enclosed 1853.


rising from around 80 in early 19th century to 135 in 1851; peak of 205 in 1861 (numbers inflated by railway construction), then falling back to 161 by 1871; continued to fall, dropping to 47 in 1981 (last census year for which separate figure available).


hamlet (by 15th century termed manor) of Dillicar held of barony of Kendal (q.v.). Held by Robert Laurence (d. 1439) and descended in Lawrence family until mid-16th century.


agricultural until arrival of railways: London & North Western Railway (1848) and Ingleton line (opened 1861) met at Lowgill, where there was station with associated employment.

Places of worship:

Primitive Methodist chapel at Beckfoot (building dated 1872); closed; converted to dwelling.

Schools and other institutions:

school at Railway Terrace, Lowgill, built by railway company 1869; closed 1948.