Township in Kirkland parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by absorbing Blencarn & Kirkland and Skirwith CPs 1934.


2,837 acres [1,148 ha] before boundary change. Culgaith commons (1,587 acres [643 ha]) enclosed 1775.


rising from 254 in 1801 to 467 in 1871, then declining to stand at 344 in 1931 (last census year before boundary changes).


manor of Culgaith granted by Henry I to Adam son of Swein. Had passed to Sir Christopher Moresby (d. 1348) whose descendant, Lady Knevett, sold manor in later 16th century to Crackanthorpes of Newbiggin.


predominantly agricultural until coming of railway in 1870s (Culgaith station opened 1880; closed 1970). Sandstone quarrying at Crowdundale, 19th century. Tile works and kiln opened 1836; in operation until mid-20th century. Butter factory (Vale of Eden Dairy Factory) by railway station opened 1887.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease of All Saints recorded 1456; rebuilt 1756 on same site; gothic windows inserted c.1896. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1830; closed 2013.

Schools and other institutions:

free grammar school, open to all children of Culgaith and Blencarn, endowed with land at time of enclosure 1775; superseded by new school built 1876, now Culgaith CE School. Victoria Institute (containing reading room and concert hall) built 1897; now village hall, housing ‘The VIC’ community cafe, opened 2009. Open air swimming pool, recorded 1923; filled in c.2010.