Crosby Ravensworth

Ancient parish in West ward, Westmorland, including townships of Crosby Ravensworth, Maulds Meaburn and Reagill. Parts of Crosby Ravensworth CP were transferred to Orton and Shap Rural CPs 1935.


11,049 acres [4,471 ha], divided between constituent townships thus: Crosby Ravensworth: 3,752 acres [1,518 ha]; Maulds Meaburn: 4,256 acres [1,722 ha]; Reagill: 2,340 acres [947 ha] and parts of Birkbeck Fells township totalling 633 acres [256 ha], the remainder of which was in Orton parish. Cow Close (stinted pasture) and Grayber common field at Maulds Meaburn enclosed 1818. Common moorland at Reagill enclosed 1813 and at Maulds Meaburn (1,200 acres [486 ha]) enclosed 1858. Crosby Ravensworth Fell (5,540 acres [2,242 ha]), which was extra-parochial and common to townships of Birkbeck Fells and Crosby Ravensworth, remains unenclosed, as does Bank Moor (264 acres [107 ha]).


rising from 789 in 1801 to peak of 971 in 1851; then declining steadily to 538 in 2001.


manor of Crosby Ravensworth descended through Hastings family, passing to Threlkeld family by marriage of Isabel Hastings to William Threlkeld in early 14th century; then descended through Threlkeld family until early 16th century when passed by marriage to Pickerings. Thomas Pickering sold it to Sir John Lowther in early 17th century. Manor of Maulds Meaburn granted to John le Fraunceys 1242, whose grandson took surname Vernon; the family sold it to Sir John Lowther 1602. Reagill was granted to Shap Abbey c.1200, passing to Whartons at Dissolution; sold to Lowthers c.1730.


predominantly agricultural: said in late 17th century to have rich soil and to be well wooded. Annual fair for livestock at Maulds Meaburn, established 1828 but had petered out by 1880s. Coal pits at Reagill in 18th century; quarrying and dressing of limestone and lime-burning in 19th century; stone dressing continued across 20th century. Spa at Shap Wells; hotel built 1833.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Lawrence; rebuilt 1811-12 and restored in stages between 1848 and 1887. Chapelgarth in Reagill said to be site of medieval chapel. Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Crosby opened 1875; United Methodist chapel in Maulds Meaburn built 1878 (now private house).

Schools and other institutions:

Crosby Ravensworth school endowed 1630; rebuilt and endowment increased 1784. Endowed girls’ school at Crosby Ravensworth built 1830. The two schools merged 1898 to become Crosby Ravensworth Mixed School. School at Reagill founded 1684; buildings enlarged 1881; closed 1963; now village hall. School on village green at Maulds Meaburn built 1834; closed 1963. The three village schools combined to form new Crosby Ravensworth CE Primary School, built 1963. Village halls at Crosby Ravensworth (built 1927), Maulds Meaburn (‘tin hut’, replaced by modern Village Institute 2011) and Reagill (in former school building).