Crosby on Eden

Ancient parish in Eskdale ward, Cumberland, comprising townships of High Crosby, Low Crosby and Walby. Brunstock was detached part of Crosby parish (see Stanwix). Crosby-on-Eden CP abolished 1934; part subsumed into Stanwix CP, part to Wetheral CP.


ancient parish covered 2,855 acres [1,155 ha], of which 561 acres [227 ha] formed detached portion at Brunstock. Remaining 2,294 acres [928 ha] divided between constituent townships thus: High Crosby: 967 acres [391 ha]; Low Crosby: 647 acres [262 ha]; Walby: 523 acres [212 ha]. Common fields called Crosby Holme, the Tofts, Little Hill and the Willows enclosed 1772.


rising from 258 in 1801 to 337 in 1831; decline in mid-19th century, then rise to 398 in 1881. Fell sharply to 297 in 1891 and declined thereafter, to 238 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available). Landownership: part of barony of Linstock, granted to second bishop of Carlisle by Waldeof son of Gospatric, lord of Allerdale.


mostly agricultural; modern golf course beside Eden. For RAF Crosby-on-Eden, Second World War military airfield, see Irthington.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St John the Evangelist; rebuilt 1854.

Schools and other institutions:

schoolhouse built 1807. Crosby on Eden CE Primary School built by subscription as National school 1844; enlarged 1882. Village hall at Low Crosby since mid-20th century.