Township in Appleby St Michael parish, East ward, Westmorland. CP created 1894 from part of Appleby St Michael parish not in Appleby MB.


1,357 acres [550 ha]. Population: in range 100-130 across century 1821 to 1921, then falling to stand at 77 by 2001.


manor of Crackenthorpe held by Machell family from 12th century until sold by Lancelot Machell (d. 1788) to earl of Lonsdale 1786. Bought back 1877 by Captain James Octavius Machell (d. 1902); sold out of family again 1928. Crackenthorpe Hall rebuilt 1685; extended 1880s


predominantly agricultural.

Places of worship:

site of St Giles’ chapel at Chapel Hill. Primitive Methodist chapel (‘tin tabernacle’) 1901; in use until 1960s.

Schools and other institutions: