Township in Appleby St Lawrence parish, East ward, Westmorland. Colby CP, created 1894, covered larger area than township.


1,181 acres [478 ha] before boundary changes; after 1894 CP covered 1,402 acres [567 ha]. Colby Moor (360 acres [146 ha]) and Colby Pasture enclosed 1854.


around 140-150 in period 1821-51; 178 in 1861; had fallen back to 121 by 1891 (last census year before boundary changes). Population of Colby CP fell to 79 by 1961 but had risen to 120 by 2001.


held by Colby family 12th century to c.1400, when passed by marriage to Warcops who held it until c.1660, when most of tenants enfranchised.


predominantly agricultural; small-scale quarrying and lime-burning mid-19th century. Tourism by early 21st century: caravan park at Hawkrigg Farm.

Places of worship:

mission room (‘iron church’) built later 19th century; in use 1938. United Methodist chapel built 1874; closed; rebuilt as dwelling 2002.

Schools and other Institutions:

village hall established 1990s (building formerly a school classroom elsewhere).