Township in Newton Reigny parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by addition of Newton Reigny CP 1934.


1,561 acres [643 ha], including 417 acres [172 ha] of commons, enclosed 1819.


92 in 1801, rising to 150 in 1871, falling to 98 in 1931 (last census year before boundary change).


manor of Catterlen held by Vaux family until 1657, when it passed by marriage to Richmonds of Highhead, who held it until 1774. It then passed by will to Isabella, wife of Henry Curwen of Workington, who sold it to duke of Norfolk, from whom it passed to Howards of Greystoke.



Places of worship:

supposed site of abandoned church. Primitive Methodist chapel built 1867.

Schools and other institutions:

school in Catterlen for whole of Newton Reigny parish, endowed by Isabella Miller (d. 1736); rebuilt 1835; closed before 1924 and converted to dwelling.