Township in Brigham parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Buttermere CP 1934.


4,395 acres [1,779 ha], including c.3,300 acres [c.1,340 ha] of unenclosed common on Brackenthwaite Fell.


around 140 in early 19th century, declining from 1850s to stand at 89 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


part of forest of Derwentfells in honour of Cockermouth. Manor of Brackenthwaite was granted c.1160 to Waldeof son of Dolfin, ancestor of Moresby family. Christopher de Moresby exchanged it with Thomas de Lucy for half of Distington manor 1355, thus returning it to lords of Cockermouth (q.v.), in whose hands it remained until forfeited to Crown 1530. Granted with manor of Loweswater 1546 to Lord Grey and Bannister, passing with Loweswater to Lawsons of Isel 1624. John Marshall bought manorial lordship 1814 and, in 1824, an estate including many properties in Brackenthwaite, acquired by Robert Fisher in 17th century, which descended to Bertie family in 1722. The National Trust and Balliol College bought that estate and lordship of manor 1937.


hill farming. Annual sheep fair at Lanthwaite Green, recorded 1816. Scale Hill Hotel was posting-house with boats for hire, catering for tourists by 1829.

Places of worship:

chapel of St Mary Magdalene in Brackenthwaite, recorded 1453 and 1507 (location uncertain; may have been at Rannerdale).

Schools and other institutions: