Bothel & Threapland

Township in Torpenhow parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland.


3,389 acres [1,372 ha], including extensive commons: Bothel and Torpenhow Common (2,200 acres [890 ha]) enclosed 1811; Threapland Common (500 acres [202 ha]) enclosed 1813.


313 in 1801, rising to peak of 495 in 1851, then settling in range 350-400 for much of later 19th and early 20th centuries. Fell to low point of 284 in 1971; then rose to stand at 438 in 2001.


manor of Bothel was in hands of Brun family by 13th century; divided between three heiresses in 14th century, who married into Harrington, Curwen and Bowet families. Harrington and Curwen shares had been acquired by Salkeld family of Whitehall by later 17th century, from whom manorial rights descended to Charltons of Hesleyside (Northumb.) in mid-18th century. Manor of Threapland passed in 1322 from Mulcastre family to Henry de Malton, whose heiress married Thomas Skelton. It descended through Skeltons until Lancelot Skelton of Armathwaite sold it c.1600 to John Salkeld, a younger son of Salkelds of Whitehall.


predominantly agricultural. Freestone and limestone quarrying and lime-burning recorded in 19th century, but name Wharrels Hill (‘quarry hill’) implies quarrying from medieval period; wind farm there built 2007.

Places of worship:

Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Bothel built 1840; rebuilt 1890. Primitive Methodist chapel in Bothel built 1836 (now demolished).

Schools and other institutions:

school in Bothel by 1686, when it was endowed as free school. Rebuilt on new site 1989; now St Michael’s CE Primary School. Library and reading room in village by 1900.