Blennerhassett & Kirkland

Township in Torpenhow parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. CP abolished 1934 to create Blennerhasset & Torpenhow CP.


1,262 acres [511 ha].


204 in 1801, fluctuating at around 230 until 1861, then rising to peak of 503 in 1891 before falling back to 330 by 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Blennerhasset and Upmanby (the latter in Allhallows parish) was in hands of Mulcaster family by c.1280; then passed by marriage to Tilliols in early 15th century and from them to Moresbys. By later 17th century held by Sir Francis Salkeld of Whitehall and descended with Whitehall to Charltons of Hesleyside (Northumb.), who held it in 1901. Manor of Kirkland was held by convent of Rosedale (Yorks.), passing at Dissolution to Salkelds of Whitehall, with which estate it then descended. By later 19th century, Lawson family of Brayton were major landowners in township.


largely agricultural; Blennerhasset Farm (now Mechi Farm) was model farmstead built 1863-4 by William Lawson. Market charter granted 1661, with market on Saturdays and fairs on Maundy Thursday and on 18 October.

Places of worship:

Independent (Congregational) chapel by 1704; rebuilt 1828 and again 1864 on land donated by Sir Wilfred Lawson; closed; converted to dwelling. Primitive Methodist chapel (tin tabernacle); now Blennerhasset Evangelical Mission.

Schools and other institutions:

 school by 1860; became Board school; now Blennerhasset Primary School. Reading room and library built by Sir Wilfred Lawson 1890. Village hall built late 1940s by local unemployed men.