Bewaldeth & Snittlegarth

Township in Torpenhow parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by taking in part of Torpenhow & Whitrigg CP 1934.


1,607 acres [651 ha], in two parts, Snittlegarth forming a detached portion of 328 acres [133 ha].


rising from 55 in 1801 to 95 in 1861; then declining to stand at around 40 from 1931 to 2001.


in hands of Mulcaster family in 14th century; sold by Robert de Mulcaster to Robert de Highmore, in whose family it continued until sold with Armathwaite Hall estate (in Bassenthwaite) by Benson Highmore (d. 1767) to James Spedding; later sold to Sir F. Fletcher-Vane of Hutton-in-the-Forest and remained with his descendants in 1901.


predominantly agricultural.

Places of worship:

Quaker meeting house on common, built 1687; closed 1790 (site marked by burial ground at ’Meetinghouse Close’).

Schools and other institutions: