Chapelry and township in Kirkby Lonsdale parish, Lonsdale ward, Westmorland.


4,261 acres [1,724 ha]. Population: 242 in 1801, rising to a peak of 364 in 1861 (inflated by presence of railway labourers); in range 200 to 275 across 20th century; stood at 263 in 2001.


manor of Barbon held by Barbon family from late 12th century, descending by marriage to Lascelles family by 1239. In mid-15th century it passed by marriage of Margaret Lascelles and James Pickering to Pickering family, whose heir Francis Vaughan held it in later 16th century. Held by Sir Richard Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe by 1588, in whose family it remains. Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth built Barbon Manor as shooting lodge 1863.


predominantly agricultural until coming of railway in 19th century (station opened 1861; closed 1954). Coal mining on Barbon Moor, recorded 1692 to mid-19th century. Quarrying and lime-burning on Barbon High Fell in 19th century. Garden furniture manufacture, from 1999.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease, recorded 1571; said to have been ‘lately rebuilt’ 1692; rebuilt again 1815. New church of St Bartholomew built on adjacent site 1892-3. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1888 (converted to dwelling c.2009).

Schools and other institutions:

school taught in chapel in early 18th century; school attached to chapel built when chapel was rebuilt 1815. Replaced by new school on different site, built by subscription 1867; closed 1982. Reading room built 1884; closed 1960s (converted to dwelling). Village hall built 1926 (included lending library); still in use.