Ancient parish in West ward, Westmorland.


10,925 acres [4,421 ha], including extensive unenclosed fell land on Bampton Common (6,890 acres [2,788 ha]), Knipe Moor (295 acres [120 ha]) and smaller commons at Butterwick Green (40 acres [16 ha]) and Bomby Green (14 acres [6 ha]). Bampton Sackwath common field (62 acres [25 ha]) enclosed 1846.


600 in 1801; gradual decline during 19th and 20th centuries (except during construction of Haweswater dam, when migrant labour boosted figure to 1,011 in 1931), falling to 283 in 2001.


parish contained manors of Bampton Patrick and Bampton Cundale, named after their respective owners in early 13th century, Patrick de Culwen (later Curwen), and Henry de Cundale. Bampton Patrick passed to Warwick family, from whom it was purchased 1772 by Edward Hasell of Dalemain who sold it to earl of Lonsdale. Bampton Cundale passed from Cundales to Cliburns, who held it until 1554; it later passed to earls of Lonsdale. Thornthwaite was hunting forest, held successively by lords of Naworth, Warwicks and earls of Lonsdale. Knipe became property of Wharton family before being bought by John Lowther c.1730. Thus, by early 19th century, earls of Lonsdale were dominant landowners. Manchester Corporation took possession of major part of parish in 1920s (purchasing 6,000 acres [2,428 ha] of common land and 400 acres [162 ha] of enclosed fields and farmhouses from Lord Lonsdale) to secure land for Haweswater reservoir and its catchment.


hill farming (Bampton Sheep Association for improvement of mountain sheep formed 1876); small limestone quarries and lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Patrick, rebuilt 1726; restored 1884-5. Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Bomby built 1877; closed 1993. Mission church for construction workers at Haweswater dam; building removed to Thirlmere 1942.

Schools and other institutions:

Bampton Grammar School founded by Thomas Sutton 1623; re-constituted as Bampton Endowed School 1877 on new site; closed 2005. School at Roughill endowed by Edmund Noble 1662; closed 1950. Grammar school at Measand (Mardale) endowed 1711 (plaque gives date of foundation as 1713); rebuilt as Mardale School 1883; closed 1932; building removed to Walmgate Head, Bampton, on flooding of Mardale 1937. Public libraries endowed 1710-1757. Bampton Memorial Village Hall opened 1950.