Township in Lanercost parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland. CP includes Kirkcambeck, formerly extra-parochial.


Askerton township contained 11,021 acres [4,460 ha]; extra-parochial place of Kirkcambeck 281 acres [114 ha]. Askerton commons enclosed with others in Lanercost parish, totalling c.6,000 acres [c.2,400 ha], 1807. Side Fell (1,326 acres [537 ha]) remains common land.


in range 400-500 in first half of 19th century, standing at 479 in 1851; steady downward trend thereafter to low point of 127 in 1971; slight recovery in late 20th century, to stand at 162 in 2001.


part of barony of Gilsland (see Brampton). Askerton castle rebuilt by Thomas Lord Dacre in 1490s. Kirkcambeck was separate manor, held of Gilsland barony by succession of families in medieval period before coming back into hands of Dacres. Economy: largely agricultural; tile works near Kirkcambeck in 19th century; afforestation late 20th century.

Places of worship:

medieval church of St Kentigern, Kirkcambeck, rebuilt 1885 (arch of medieval church survives); now closed.

Schools and other institutions:

National school at Lees Hill built 1876; now Lees Hill CE Primary School. School at Kirkcambeck recorded 1862