Pinfolds in Cumbria

The information on this page was kindly supplied by Nigel Mills.

A Pound or Pinfold is a structure built to confine stray stock or any animal found grazing on land for

which their owner did not have permission. Once confined a Pinder, usually appointed by the Manor

Court, was responsible for the care of the animals until the owner had paid the fine imposed by the


The first document below provides an introduction to pounds and pinfolds in Cumbria. The second is a gazetteer of known sites of pinfolds in Cumbria and a description of them.

Pounds and Pinfolds: an introduction

A-Z of pinfolds in Cumbria

Nigel would be pleased to hear about any other pound or pinfold sites in Cumbria not yet included in the A-Z or further information on those already listed. He can be contacted on