The One That Got Away - Background Satterthwaite

Grizedale Hall

Oberleutnant Franz Baron von Werra, known as ‘The One that Got Away’ was the only German prisoner of war during the Second World War who escaped and got back to Germany.

He was captured after being shot down over Kent on 5 September 1940. His first escape was from the No 1 POW Camp (Officers) at Grizedale Hall in the Furness Fells, 10 October 1940. He was recaptured and sent to Derbyshire, where he escaped and was again recaptured. He was then sent to Canada, and after yet another escape got home to Germany, where he was awared the Iron Cross. He was killed in a practice flight in 1941

A film named 'The One that Got Away' was made of his exploits in 1957, starring Hardy Kruger

Grizedale Hall (see photo) was taken over by the Forestry Commission, and was demolished in 1957

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Text by Bill Shannon

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