New PG certificate in Local & Regional History at Lancaster

The History Department at Lancaster University is offering a new distance learning certificate in local and regional history.

The course aims to provide you with the skills, sources and historical contexts to undertake and understand research at local or regional level, and to stimulate awareness of the role of such research for our broader understanding of Britain’s past. It focuses on experiences in the century and a half before 1914, a period during which the country was transformed from a largely rural economy to an urban, industrial powerhouse.

The course will be delivered through a virtual learning environment (VLE) which will contain all the course documentation, links to secondary and primary resources, selected spreadsheets and databases, web links, visual and aural presentations, a ‘chat room’ for discussions and questions, personal learning log and a collaborative ‘wiki’ facility.

Course Director: Dr Mike Winstanley

Course Tutor: Dr Sarah Rose

For more information, please visit: