More Jubilee Digests added to the CCHT website

Another twenty Jubilee Digests have been added, following the launch of the first sixty, which coincided with the Jubilee weekend. 

At the start of 2012, Her Majesty announced the rededication of the Victoria County History (VCH) to celebrate her Jubilee in 2012 – and that has inspired us to aim during 2012 to produce a VCH ‘Jubilee Digest’ for every township in Cumbria – all 340 of them!  All are being written by volunteer local historians, working under the guidance of Dr Sarah Rose and Professor Angus Winchester of Lancaster University. Right now, the first sixty are available online, accessed via the Interactive Map of Cumbria on the Home Page, or by clicking the "Places" tab.

Each Digest is a brief summary of the history of a place, including its population, manorial descent, economic activity, places of worship and schools.  Short though they are, they are full of fascinating facts.  In time, all 340 Digests will be expanded into full-scale ‘township histories’, telling the story of every single place in Cumbria, in detail. 

The first set of Digests are now available.  To access them,  click on the map on the home page.  When the map page opens up, click on the Ward you are interested in, and up will come a list of all the townships in that ward.  Many are still ‘greyed out’ – the work is still in progress – but for the sixty active townships, click on the name, and the Jubilee Digest page will open up. 

If the place you are interested in hasn’t got a Digest, it may be that no-one has volunteered to do it yet.  If you would like to have a go, get in touch with Volunteer Co-ordinator Dr Sarah Rose via the Contact Us page. Full training and support will be given.

If you spot something that you think is wrong in one of the Digests, and have evidence to back up what you say, please let us know via the Contact Us page.