Death of a king [Background] Burgh by Sands

Portrait in Westminster Abbey, thought to be of Edward I


It was while on campaign against the Scots that Edward I died on 7th July 1307 on the marsh at Burgh by Sands. It was here that his army had made camp with a view to crossing the Solway Firth into Scotland. Edward had been ill the previous year and had spent time recovering at Lanercost Priory. His body was laid in St Michael's church at Burgh by Sands before being taken to Westminster Abbey for burial.

A monument in his name was constructed on the marsh in 1685. It has been rebuilt and restored several time since, most recently in 2000 as it began to sink into the marsh. In 2007 a bronze statue of the king was placed on the village green and unveiled by the Duke of Kent to commemorate 700 years since Edward’s death.