Cumbria Census 1801-2001

Many volunteers have been involved in gathering census data for Cumbrian townships from 1801-2001. This exercise is explained in more detail in Briefing Note 1: 'Making a Start'      Form 1 (Census)

Below are the census figures (1801-2001) for each ward. The PDF files are free to view by all. Only members of CCHT are authorised to view the Census data in Excel.

Explanations for population and boundary changes can be found in notes below each table in the PDF files, and in comment boxes on Excel.


Allerdale Above Ward Census (pdf. version)           

Allerdale Above Ward Census (Excel version)     

Allerdale Below Ward Census (pdf. version)                                           

Allerdale Below Ward Census (Excel version)

Cumberland Ward Census [excluding Carlisle City] (pdf. version)       

Cumberland Ward Census (Excel version)

Eskdale Ward Census (pdf. version)                                             

Eskdale Ward Census (Excel version)

Leath Ward Census (pdf. version)                                                  

Leath Ward Census (Excel version)



East Ward Census (pdf. version)                                                     

East Ward Census (Excel version)

Kendal Ward Census (pdf. version)                                                

Kendal Ward Census (Excel version)

Lonsdale Ward Census (pdf. version)                                            

Lonsdale Ward Census (Excel version).

West Ward Census (pdf. version)                                                     

West Ward Census (Excel version)