CCHT Roll of Honour [Admin]


The list of Founding Sponsors and Founder Members closed on 15 March 2011, when a new category was introduced, Gold Membership, to recognise the generosity of individuals or institutions who have donated significantly more than the standard membership over the initial five years after launch.


Founding Sponsors

The Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society

The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne

The Cumbria Local History Federation

Friends of Cumbria Archives  

The Cumbria Family History Society

History of Kirkby Group

Orton and Tebay Local History Society

Lorton & Derwentfells Local History Society

Upper Eden Local History Society

CWAAS, Kendal Group

Gold Members

Bowland Charitable Trust

Jim Lowther, esq

Richard Greer

Founder Members

Allan, Adrian -  (Carlisle)

Allnutt, Mrs Elizabeth - (Carlisle)

Bagot, Hal - (Levens)

Berry, Simon - (Troutbeck)

Blackett-Ord, Mark - (Warcop)

Bowman, Dr John - (London)

Boyle, Christopher - (Carlisle)

Brockington, RAA - (Renwick)

Bryson, Ms Jean - (Carlisle)

Campbell, AJL - (Kendal)

Campbell, R Ian - (Appleby)

Cavendish, Lord - (Cartmel)

Connard, Roger - (Penrith)

Coulson, Nicholas - (London)

Cropper, Sir James - (Kendal)

Denman, Derek - (Lorton)

Donnelly, Paul - (Hampshire)

Downham, Clare - (Liverpool) 

Dunn, Glenn - (London)

Dunning, John - (Orton)

Egremont, Lord - (Petworth)

Ellwood, Charles A - (Crook)

Fetherstonhaugh, TR - (Kirkoswald)

Fryer-Spedding, John - (Keswick)

Garside, Patricia - (Bampton)

Godwin, Jeremy - (Penrith)

Gray, Bryan - (Hunsonby)

Gray, Lydia - (Hunsonby)

Hall, Richard - (Kendal)

Hall, Mrs June - (Stainton)

Halsall, Mrs Valerie - (Lazonby)

Harbottle, Gwen - (Wigton)

Harbottle, Stephen - (Wigton)

Harrison, Mrs Barbara - (Levens)

Heatherington, Stuart - (Sussex)

Hensman, Peter - (Kendal)

Hewitt, Anthony W - (Preston)

Higgins, Wendy - (Orton)

Highton, Langton - (Papcastle)

Hodgkiss, David - (Staffield)

Holdgate, Sir Martin - (Kirkby Stephen)

Howard, Hon Philip - (Naworth)

Hunt,  Tiffany - (Cartmel)

Inglewood, Lord - (Hutton)

Iredale, Edgar - (Surrey)

Kitto, James - (Cornwall)

Leeming, Anthony - (Penrith)

Lonsdale, Lady Caroline - (Penrith)

McClintock, Marion - (Lancaster)

Martin, Mrs Janet - (Ulverston)

Martin, John - (Carlisle)

Matthews, Mrs Diana - (Windermere)

Matthews, Ms Marjorie - (Penrith)

Mitchinson, Dr Petra - (Surrey)

Nicoll, John - (Staveley)

Oxley, Geoffrey - (Carlisle)

Pannone, Rodger - (Manchester/Penrith)

Penman, Mrs Jane - (Martindale)

Phillips, Dr CB - (Northwich)

Platt, Mrs Jane - (High Hesket)

Rees, Mrs Vivienne - (Grasmere)

Relph, J Ted - (Crosby Ravensworth)

Revell, Stephen - (London)   

Rich, Dr Alan J - (Penrith)

Robinson, Dr Richard AH  - (Worcestershire)

Salkeld, Robert - (Salisbury)

Sanderson, Arthur H - (Carlisle)

Shannon, Dr Bill - (Preston)

Sykes, TV - (Dacre)

Turnbull, Michael - (Langwathby)

Walker, Mrs Martina - (Calthwaite)

Walker, Myles - (Calthwaite)

Walmsley, Mrs Christine  - (Loweswater)

Walmsley, David - (Loweswater)

Wane, Ms Mary - (Windermere)

Weaver, John - (Newby)

Winchester, Dr Angus - (Carnforth)

Woodhouse, Charles - (Mealsgate)