This interactive map is the main portal for accessing current information on the histories of individual places within Cumbria.

The map above shows the pre-1974 counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, divided into their "Wards" - and those parts of the former counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire now included within the county of Cumbria.

Click anywhere within a Ward's boundaries, and a pop-up will appear with a list of townships/parishes. These are the Civil Parishes as they existed around the 1890s. Click on a name, and you will be taken to the page for that place.

Alternatively, you can find infomation about a place through this alphabetical TOWNSHIP LIST on the right hand side (or below, if you're using a hand-held device). 

Each of the 348 Places (villages, townships or parishes) of Cumbria has a webpage to itself. On that page you will find a brief single-page summary of the history of the place. In time full Victoria County Histories of each place will be posted - but this will take time, possibly many years to complete. In the meantime, some draft Full Township Histories are available HERE

On the Township Pages too you will find links to up to ten papers which have appeared over the years in the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. There will also be links to other external sites, including maps and other resources.

If YOU would like to embark on researching the history of a particular place for the project, please get in touch with Volunteer Co-ordinator Dr James Bowen via the Contact Us page. Full training and support will be given.

If you spot something that you think is wrong in one of the Digests, and have evidence to back up what you say, please let us know via the Contact Us page.   

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