Background Papers [Admin]

This page contains a growing number of background papers that cover specific aspects of Cumbrian history. Each paper opens in a separate window as a pdf document.

Victorian Church Architecture (Michael Haslam)
Education in Cumbria before 1944
The Poor Law in Cumbria
Researching the Clergy [The information in these notes mostly relate to the diocese of Carlisle, but the glossary will be of use to those in the diocese of Chester as well]
The Dacre Inheritance 1569-1601 (Richard Brockington)
The Dacre Inheritance Survey Guide (Richard Brockington)

Westmorland Hospitals

Early Large-Scale Maps of Cumbria (Dr. W.D. Shannon)


Superior Lordship in Cumbria

Cumbria was divided into large baronies and superior lordships. This page will eventually include papers on each of these, focusing on their descent and extent.  In the meantime, more information can be found on the Cumbria Manorial Documents project website.

Guide to Superior Lordship: Barony of Kendal (pdf)